Kent Blunier of Farm Hats

farmhatsKent Blunier is a grain and hog farmer from Forrest Illinois. He and his father raise corn and beans as well as roughly 13,000 pigs each year.

On May 20, 2015 Kent created the Facebook group, Farm Hats. It was originally a place for farmers to share felfies (farmer selfies) with other farmers and some of their non-farm friends.

Within 24 hours it grew to over 200 members. Less than a month later, Kent realized an opportunity to raise money for Ag education groups by selling Farm Hats merchandise.


There is a website where you can purchase your own gear. But Kent, along with Matt Boucher and Chris Niemann, have designed some limited edition AgChat and Farm Hats that will only be available at 2016 Cultivate and Connect in Kansas City. The hats will be available for purchase for $20.00.


All proceeds from these sales will go straight to the AgChat Foundation.